Description: AnarchoPunk is the combination of two concepts, anarchism and punkrock. It's not about a specific sound, nor a uniform ideology. Anarchopunk is a term used to describe those individuals and groups in the HC/punk community who are using the music and culture as a means to expressing political convictions and ideas. It is not about buying Crass CDs or Anarchy™ shirts from the mall. It is also not about converting everyone to a specific party or party-line. The simple idea is that the state and its servants stand in opposition to humyns individual freedom. Punk can be more than music, and that's the concept behind this web ring.
Qualifications: If you want in, your site must contain information relating to anrachism or radical politics, preferably with some pertanence to punk culture. Although I'm happy to include political sites that are not specifically punk, I will NOT consider punk sites that have no obvious political nature (though I've decided that those selling/trading anarchopunk merchandise can be included). Just having a circle A on your page does not qualify it! I'm also happy to include band/label pages under the same conditions. If you have a Citizen Fish page that's just pictures of the band then that doesn't make it political. I'm sorry if that seems narrow, but this ring wasset up for a purpose and you are free to make another one if it doesn't suit your needs. Post up some lyrics or an interview, and you're in! Also, I will waste no time on chaos punk, drunk punk, or even apolitical sXe punk. I'm not saying those things can't have their place, just that it's not here. I hope that these restrictions don't turn anyone off... I just want to keep it productive and useful, not end up as another watered-down punk rock indice. Finally, you must include the Javascript code that comes by e-mail on your page if you want to remain in the Ring. Otherwise, what's the fucking point? I know you're lazy, so am I, but just do it and let's make something of this...peace - Jeff

Member of the AnarchoPunk Web Ring
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