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The are the releases I know of for Born Against members' other projects. Obviously some of these are more chronological and complete than others. Any info you have (that you're sure of) is appreciated.

* = out of print

Citizen's Arrest:

1. A Light in the Darkness 7" (Wardance)*
2. Collossus LP (Wardance/Vermiform)*
3. "Look at all the Children Now" LP comp (Evac)*

Great Unraveling:

1. Space 7" (?)
2. Angel 7" (Vermin Scum)
3. s/t LP (Kill Rock Stars)

Life's Blood:

1. Defiance 7" (Vermiform)
2. Discography CD (Vermiform)

Men's Recovery Project:

1.Emergency Record 7" (Lungcast)
2.Make A Baby 7" (Vermiform)
3.Frank Talk About Humans 2 x 7"/CD (Vinyl Communications)
4. Fat Lady Singing (Kill Rock Stars)
5. Normal Man 7" (Gravity)
6. "Fruited Other Surfaces" CD comp (Vermiform)
7. Botanica Mysteria 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
8. "A Slice of Lemon" CD/2 x LP (Kill Rock Stars/Lookout)
9. Immense Ovary Reject 7" (Walkabout)
10. The Golden Triumph of Naked Hostility CD (Vermiform)

Moss Icon:

1. Hate in me 7"(aka greta garbo) - (Vermin Scum) *
2. Memorial 7" (Vermin Scum) *
3. Mahpiua Luta 7" (Vermin Scum) *
4. Moss Icon/Silver Bearing split LP (Vermin Scum) *
5. "Superpowers" cassette comp (Troubleman) *
6. "You Can't Eat Music" cassette comp (?) *
7. "Fear of Smell" LP comp (Vermiform) just reissued!
8. Lyburnum LP/CD (Vermiform) CD has extra tracks
9. It Disappears LP (Ebullition/Vermin Scum)

Sam McPheeters:

1. As Patrick Henry 5" (Vermiform)

Team Dresch

1. s/t 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
2. Personal best LP/CD (Kill Rock Stars)
3. Captain, My Captain LP/CD (KRS)

Universal Order of Armageddon:

1. untitled 7" (Vermin Scum) *
2. s/t LP (Gravity)
3. split w/ Born Against (Gravity)
4. discography CD (Kill Rock Stars)
5. Switch is Down LP (Kill Rock Stars)

(Young) Pioneers :

1. s/t 7" (Vermiform)
2. split w/ Van Pelt (Whirled)
3. Crime Wave 10"/CD (Vermiform)
4. First Virginia Volunteers LP/CD (Vermiform)
5. We March 7"/CD (Vermiform)
6. On trial 7"/CD (Lookout)
7. split w/ Avail 7"/CD (Lookout)
8. Free the Young Pioneers Now CD/LP (Lookout)