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No Answers flexi - Ebullition, 1991

Alive With Pleasure

The Marlboro Man's dead and so are all his cowboys their propaganda killed my mother preyed on force of habit The Marboro Man is dead and so are all his cowboys their propaganda killed my mother addicted her to the soot Alive with pleasure eager to purchase Alive with pleasure happy to smolder She exhaled painI inhaled decay no iron lung can cut a tumor the size of a fist from your throat Rotten black lung and family hands it down a learned destruction the ashes please me to sickness.

Born Against/Universal Order of Armageddon 7"

I am a Idiot

I'm not an idiot I'm not an idiot, I'm not a fucking stooge: so stop talking to me about guns and bombs and and stop trying to sell me on class warfare - I'm not brain dead and I'm not an endtable and I'm really, really quite sure that you DO NOT mean business, that you're just one of many stupid shouting voices who wants to play fight the pigs and talk drunk about bombing gas stations, until you have to work in one that is, friend.

I'm not an idiot so please, please, please stop yabbering to me about the first amendment - because you're never going to get on tv so anybody can hear you, and even if you did get on tv you still wouldn't know what the fuck to say, and even if you did get on tv and you did have something exciting to say they STILL wouldn't air you because you'd be wearing your extra large "Fuck Censorship" t-shirt and a long time ago, long before you were even born, the government got together with the radio and tv stations to make sure that those kind of wordswould never in a million years be broadcast, so for god's sake just stop talking.

Bit Part in a Bad Movie

I'm irrelevant
except for a brief walk on role
as the less articulate
heir to a bunch of people
who had a purpose and a plan
all is shit and chaos
things change, these days
in such quick, cruelly absurd ways
and I'll never be more
than a footnote to the bullshit
my bit part in a bad movie
my cameo
my importance

Screeching Weasel Split - Lookout

Janelle (lyrics by Ben Weasel)

Janelle is awfully bright/For a fresh girl of eighteen/She knows all the punk rock sites/And does a cool fanzine/Janelle can be so tactful/A quality that's often rare/But if you're talking factual/You're talking dyed pink hair/And she's not afraid if anything/And she won't get old and boring/And I don't think the East Bay punks/Will wake up long enough/To meet Janelle/Janelle/ Janelle/she's so swell/And she dosen't smell/Like most of her pals/And if I have to spell it out for you/I'll tell you that I'm sweet on Janelle/And she's not afraid of anything/And she won't get old and boring/And I don't think East Bay punks/Will wake up long enough to meet Janelle/Too bad 'cause I'm fond of Janelle/Oh, yeah I'm makin' a fool of myself/Oh yeah/Oh yeah/Oh yeah/ Oh yeah/Oh yeah/Oh yeah/she's so swell/Janelle/Janelle/Janelle/Janelle.

Go Fuck Youself (BW)

I would like to crush your pointed head/You fucking puke/I think you wet the bed/I would like to punch your stupid face/Grab you by your punk rock hair/ and bash your brains/I've never met someone as dumb as you/You're an ingrate and an arrogant prick too/You jump at every single chance to display your ig- norance/You stupid bigmouth/Why don't you just go home/and fuck yourself/Can't take a hint/You're a dick/A walking, talking piece of shit/You're also a slob/ and you've got no class/and you need a kick in your fat ass/You fucking moron/ why don't you just go home and fuck yourself?

Born Against/ Man Is The Bastard 8" - Vermiform 16

Albany Academy

The campus leaves have begun to turn what you did for me I'm learning how to compete what you did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A lazy fist smashing teeth, young boys laughing at a shriveled dick, hot urine running down a face, thank you for what you did to me, thank you, thank you, thank you sir, thank you.

Wearing a Lampshade

You certainly aren't the victim shocked as you may seem the man stands up for chivalry when it's fuck you on the street I can't say how many times it needs to be told no I don't wear them no I don't eat them that hypocrite shit won't go won't go you certianly aren't the beauty that makes the steel jaws bleed and there's no gate at the front of these camps saying work will set you free I'm tired of being the threat in a world of murderers shit on just for giving a shit about a bunch of rats wearing a lampshade 40 times over 40 times the man gives what she needs mister beautifier, mister defender, just won't listen when he's told the lampshades in the fatherland are only 50 years old.

$5 An Hour

See the white wreckage the ones who couldn't afford to leave the white pride working poor who really live and work with the ones we all hate who can remember when their neighborhood looked brighter but somehow forget that the Italians used to be niggers and the Irish were the spics so at 50 years old they eat shit for $5 an hour and just don't make teh connections It makes the first generatin turn over in their immigrant graves - but what can you do? See union uncle Joe, the ones who proved the American dream can fuck you hard without a color, as lost as can be when commercials come on tv for insurance and cars and vacations, All teh things white people are entitled to as the fruit of this nation's lysol douched womb See the white wreckage ask what the fuck is wrong with me.

My Favorite Housing Project

I'd have to say my favorite housing project is the one where my grandmother died I'd have to say my favorite housing project is the one between the river and the highway live and die live and die start to die in a human warehouse.