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Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children 12" - Vermiform

Mount the Pavement

Mount the pavement lick the pavement clean you say you want honesty well it's the puppets who pull the strings no one's got the boot to our heads and we still gorge ourselves on the troughs of their prefab culture mount the pavement lick the pavement clean.


Where's your anger where's their body count they want to know why you fight when the insides rotting our here's their omission there's the infection in between are the unmarked graves of 100,000 dead no alarm sounded no measures taken the tranquility whispers back shut up and die banished to the margin with full guilt implied called up from oblivion only when it's time to count the hides here's their omission there's the infection in between are the unmarked graves of 100,000 dead cease to exist.

By the Throat

I want to see the finger pointed at those who've claimed to cross the line. I want to bleed their dull lives dry I want to spit on all the unwritten laws they cling to so dearly with sharp insecure claws I don't care about your routine I refuse to fall in with the disarmed machines I don't give a fuck how hard you are or how hard you think you are I don't care about you incentives or you values if only I could make the gesture real if only I could grab you all by the throat.

Nine Years Later

Nine years into the future and we're still counting the dead and the dying still totaling the countless hidden victims of heightened state terror still believing the lies of a peace and prosperity of a peace with thousand executed by disease of a prosperity with millions living on our streets and I've got to wonder what the fuck it's going to take can it be undone can we stem the tide of violence or are we going to sit back and relax and watch tv while the have nots get their heads kick in over and over and over again are we going to keep counting the policies that failed and the lies that worked they worked they worked they worked we swallowed them deep swallowed them whole.

Jock Gestapo

Jock gestapo shouting from trucks spitting on beating down those who strayed shitting on beating in those who stayed who would not be crushed by the offensive line's weight jock gestapo jock gestapo jock gestapo and apple pie ignorance locker rooms coaches and guards fists fly weirdos cower in the halls specimen machines evil and lean defenders tackles for an american dream jock gestapo and apple pie time infects wounds fester here comes the train rail them to death.

Organ of Hope

The upturned ruptured palms the pleading eyes that hid the spite that want to forgive us wretched insects if only we'd learn how to get in line there's still room on the cross for the sheep of the flock there's still space available to join the angels at the trough & no one knows how much you've suffered Christ is kind (deny him) Jesus is lord (deny him) I'm not related to the guilty flesh that repents I turn my back on the burning heart that farts obedience purity is shit evil is virtue gfffggft blaggga bdgh & and no one's suffered quite like you Christ is king (deny him) Jesus is lord (deny him) servant or slave the balance always works out the same pray for me shepherd me because I won't die for your sins won't drink your blood won't eat your flesh won't share your victory over sin & death don't repent the end has come and gone.

Well Fed Fuck

Are you a good team player remember the boss is your best friend kill your head.