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Mary and Child

by Born Against

guitar tab by XJ.W@lkerX

originally posted on the Born Against webpage:


A# - A - G#

[Fig. A]

G - G - G - A# - A - G# -

[Fig. B]

A# - A - G - F - F - F - G# - G#

[Fig. C - Chorus]

G G - D# D# - A# A# - A - A# - A -

[Fig. D]

G G - D# D# D# G G - D D D

[Fig. E]







Song sturcture (with basic lyrical guidelines) :


Fig A x 2 (once again the battlefield...control)

Fig B (lay down their terms and white)

Fig A x 2 (and red all business)

Fig B (as advertised from a bullhorn!)

Fig C x 4 (and the all knowing... sanctity of...)

Fig A x 3 (Mary...couldn't care less)

Fig B (couldn't care less about - human life)

Fig A x 3

Fig B

Fig C (Chorus)

Fig D x 2 (Mary!...Mary!)

Fig E x 2

ends with G chord

If this sounds wrong to you try it in a different octave, as I know the basic structure but since I don't have the record on I could be remembering the key wrong. Also, the outro is up for interperetation, this is mine. The lyrics aren't matched to the song the way most punky shit is so you have to know them pretty well before it's worth playing.