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PREFACE: On reconsideration of this point, I obviously realize that L&F is not the soul guilty party in this problem in punk rock. The bands who let their records climb in price without being reissued (as is NOT the case with these Born Against singles, which are inferior, unofficial releases), the collectors who hoard records or sell them to make more and more money, and everyone who allows this to go on. This was written in response to getting the L&F catalog and feeling sickened by it, and feeling like I wanted to say something. Look at the guestbook to see more.
Lost & Found records from Germany sells two Born Against bootleg 7 inches that are listed in the discography on this page for reference purposes. Although I haven't heard the band themselves speak up on the issue, there has been much outcry in the DIY punk scene as a whole about bootlegging, and this company in particular. They have time and time again ripped off bands and labels by bootlegging shirts and records (both in and out of print) , not paying royalties, not asking permissions, etc. These things are not in accordance with the ideals and goals that Born Against and other DIY bands strive for. As M.I.T.B. put it: "Fuck Bootleggers." Even more disgusting is the mass marketing attitude that L&F has adopted, selling records and clothes at inflated prices through glossy catalogs, hyping bands such as One Life Crew as the new great thing (and selling records, tshirts, and activewear with their name) .

Can you really in good conscience buy a Born Against record from a label where 50% of the staff has OLC on their top ten list? I realize this is the only place selling these items mailorder, but if you really want to hear these tracks, wait and buy or trade to get the bootlegs somewhere else, or better yet get someone to tape them for you. They're low quality recordings so you hardly need the vinyl, and the packaging was just pieced together from other Born Against releases. Or, just be happy with the music Born Against saw fit to release themselves. The quote from Adam at the opening page states that the "medium is the message". Buying a 7" bootleg from a fucked label like L&F is betraying everything Born Against was trying to create in the scene. If anyone can prove me wrong on this, e-mail me or post to the guestbook, but I'd say it's a pretty obvious case of right and wrong.