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Murderers Among Us

Good Father

The American Dream the good father wants to peddle it one way democracy it's our gift to the savages the good father the holy saviour rests one hand on a smaller neighbor and we're nowhere close to getting what we need Father knows best we're going to own you father knows best we're going to kill you bulldozed with dollar bills paving over the bloddy mash so much light to spread while the gore's still fresh we own the government the crops the land your hearts and minds see the system works the dead just don't know it yet father knows best we're going to own you father knows best we're going to kill you the good father stands tall waiting to embrace his smallest child and if you act fast we promise you won't feel the pain.

Our Voice Pro Choice

Resist Control (Life's Blood)

War waged on the people government lies fueled by fear Trust the unity of money and machine gun a bullet in the head for my indiscretions how much oppression can you take rise above it's time to fight back cease and desist orders the police force rise above resist control.

Give Me back!

Body Counts

Fuck your vision of a world where no one's ugly and no one's old fuck your version of a beauty that sets the standard for all the runners up fuck your definition of perfection teh smiling commodity that isn't human that isn't allowed to step off the page and testify this isn't real.

God's Chosen People


(inspired in Los Angeles in desperate bid to insult the audience's intelligence)

El Mozote (written by Born Against, performed by Screeching Weasel)

Somewhere in El Salvador there's a grave for 700 pits full of guts and kids who were tortured and hunted By death squad soldiers who won't ever be purged or punished Piad for by a government that our tax dollars funded El Mozote (x3) But that was so long ago and our officials have retired And once the stench is gone it's easy to forgive liars And there's so many atrocities this nation's since acquired And a My Lai dosen't mean much when the papers stay quiet

Fuck This

What the fuck does it mean to acknowledge this democracy When millons are unemployed and living in the streets? What the fuck does it mean to suck the nipple of this great nation When it's in our names that everyone else works until starvation?