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Eulogy 7" - Vermiform 0.5


There was this friend of mine, needed something we couldn't give convenient answers and a cheap way out killed himselfwithout actually dying, took a blunt lie and gouged out his mind And I can't accept that he's found the answers to those questions I'll be trying to solve until I die And I can't accept that he's somehow "better off" because the answers aren't that simple we always assumed he wasn't either and I want his beautiful religion to burn because Steve's dead... I wasn't offered the chance to say goodbye.

Riding With Mary

- originally recorded by X

Industrial Relations Dept. 7" - vermiform 1

Half Mast

When freedom is in hiding from morality when you've finally scrubbed this great land clean of those values you hold in such high esteem when you've finally divorced the numbers from the names we can return to your good old days bound and gagged by sex and race chained by family crazed by god while we raise the flag shout down the past the stars and stripes stream by at half mast your eyes well up with tears and yeah so do mine I never knew the high price of hypocrisy so pledge allegiance to the death penalty believe in your drug war bow down to the to set you need to cultivate that apathy that swells inside your throat raise the flag shout down the past your stars and stripes stream by at half mast your eyes well up with tears yeah so do mine half mast dehumanized half mast divided half mast overloaded half mast who the fuck cares so long as you can sleep well under the iron fist.

Xmas Eve

A nation of nonbelievers unrepentant in their hearts pious one night out of every year ease the mind ditch the guilt and alls right and just on xmas eve the jokes on them the dead are never gonna rise again Rise again on xmas morning three cheers for santy hip hooray our saintly concern for world peace lies at our feet undisguised as naked greed the joke's on them the dead are never gonna rise again and christ's dead flesh keeps right on rotting.

Nine Years Later

Nine years into the future and we're still counting the dead and the dying still totaling the countless hidden victims of heightened state terror still believing the lies of a peace and prosperity of a peace with thousand executed by disease of a prosperity with millions living on our streets and I've got to wonder what the fuck it's going to take can it be undone can we stem the tide of violence or are we going to sit back and relax and watch tv while the have nots get their fucking heads kick in over and over and over again are we going to keep counting the policies that failed and the lies that worked they worked they worked they worked we swallowed them down deep we swallowed them whole.

Born Again

Born again as just another product born again as the next big thing once a vehicle for outrage now just entertainment packaged tastefully the status quo whose very abuses generated our contempt now courts us now treats us like the serviles they know we've become I reject the leveraged buyout I reject the corporate sellout I reject their lame ass version of what they fuck this music's all about and make no mistake all they want is your money all they need is your numb nod of approval and all they demand is your silence born again dead.

Witness to a Rape

Witness to a crime but I lost track of the times violence against women against half of human kind meshed with our culture part of our civilization ground into our faces part of our indoctrination no one seems to question when we're brought up in a system where we're taught to hate the other through false desires my own language betrays my good intentions forces my head into the shit into the lies and I'm told take part in the fantasy when every six minutes it comes true and I'm told what I want what I need and yeah I want it yeah I need it rape force fed the lie for all my life woman has her place and it's only skin deep like so many flanks of meat up for inspection to be judged on a scale of one to ten.

Battle Hymns of the Race War 10" - Vermiform

Murder the Sons of Bitches

Here comes another round of deploy and deter more strong words for bullshit that doesn't work levers pulled for pulling levers while grown adults stand & applaud stronger measures home security is taken on faith as larger apparatus slowly slides into place!!!! No bells toll when lights dim in prison halls no tears slip when solemn state duty calls just you wait until you get in the way murder the sons of bitches make them pay for their victims pain this may not always work but by god they'll never do that again & the flesh still works up until the switch is thrown but the state lives on long after it's cells are gone just you wait this is how it starts.

Mt. Dew

OK, mister media relations, hired & fired in the space of a sentence, and somewhere in between you bounced back at me, I can't believe the garbage you tried to push for a full time job, I won't say I told you so just beware of salesmen bearing gifts that amount to a whole lot less than what you threw away has the backlash even started the way the shit was coated we may just never know how much damage was done.

Footbound & Hobbled

The day is coming when doctors will clip off thumbs the same way they snip off little boys' foreskins the day is coming when hospitals will be obliged to douse newborn eyes with lye the day is coming when all tongues are sheared to spare this nation the vicious slander of a few bad apples and we will all march towards tomorrow footbound & hobbled.

This Trash Should've Been Free

This trash should've been free, take the bus to the city run while you fucking can this trash should've been free, break the monotony of falling into rank in parking lots trash free this trash should've been free you don't have to serve god & country or eat the things they've forced on me this trash will never be free you flickered out and died far away in a place where they'll take your life on credit trash free this trash is just a memory that's nursed like stolen whiskey and though you're still alive I know you'll choke and suffocate.


We came to take over your one room or maybe displace your parents from their bed as the special guests of honor you've been at the factory for hours already don't worry we'll lock the door when we leave for the border what we know is from the world of soundchecks and gas money and maybe a few tales from warmer climates where we were once paid well and I can't stand to think of all the bastards that a4e coming to sleep on your floor Poland.


Last year's lives lie in state but there's no damage assessment from this far away this is not another proxy war no this is something different & somehow worse and this is not another revolutionary joke tailored for your armband jargon & your arm chair support because now this side's gone to pieces and this side's fallen apart and in between there's all the human beings wearing their own brains and soaked in blood this is your clenched fist this is your shining path self destruct.

Set Your AM Dial For White Empowerment

Rush Limbaugh's on the air again proving they're all guilty until proven... when he hits the captive rush hour they'll be laughing right along. Aunt & uncle tune the radio in make my cousins in the car listen so someday they'll be able to distinguish white from wrong. As they scramble, scramble, ramble... scrambling from the cities too, Newark Detroit L.A. as a cue to the gun permit suburbs swelling on the edge of any town. And on the radio callers have a catch in their throats, maybe some tiny hint of some growing alarm as they scramble, scramble, ramble... house to house drag brown faces into the shit and on the radio white folks call up to joke so fed up with the liberal government, set your AM dial for white empowerment.

Born Against Are Fucking Dead

Born Against are fucking dead that's what the answering machine said looks like this is it!!! They talked one too many shit about the working class and the government did you hear what those faggots said in some fanzine someone else read I heard they're a bunch of spoiled little rich kids who need to get their asses kicked fucking ingrates! Fucking pussies!! Born Against are fucking dead dead dead guaw hutdsas kjrhs aonpdre (fight scene) Born Against are fucking dead by order of the postmaster general just like the panthers only this time for real because the feds have tapped their telephone & the LAPD raided their home (this is an approximation)...