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Nine Years Later

by Born Against
transcribed by J.Walker for the Born Against webpage at:


x= bend

* = rest

* = slide

on the chords there is much thrashing about and sliding mayhem.


Nine......Years into the future
          E      G        C
and we're still counting the dead and the dying
          E                   G            C
still totaling the countless hidden victims 
E                    G              C
of heightened state terror 
   E           G     Db*D  
still believing the lies 
Cb*C Fb C          Db*D Gb D
of a peace, a peace and of a peace & prosperity 
Cb*C  Fb C              Db*D Gb D
 with thousand executed by disease 
E E               F F
of a prosperity with millions living on our streets 
E E                        F F
and I've got to wonder 
Cb*C Fb C            Db*D Gb D
what the fuck it's going to take can it be undone 
Cb*C Fb C                  Db*D  Gb D
can we stem the tide of violence
E       G                     C C C C
or are we going to sit back and relax 
E          G                   C
and watch tv while the have nots get their fucking heads kick in
E                       G                  C C C C 
over and over and over again 
E      G           Db*D Gb D
are we going to keep counting the policies that failed and 
E                G                   C   C C C
the lies....... 
E     G     C
that worked they worked they worked they worked 
E            G           C C C C
we swallowed them down deep we swallowed them whole. 
E                  G               Db*D Gb D
Nine Years Later

He plays this little bit at the end:







This isn't every facet of the song, but it's a decent outline... besides, why play it exactly the same fucking way?

rock on